Monday, February 4, 2013

The Dilemma & The Restoration

I've had some thoughts swirling around inside my brain box for a while now, about the 'Dilemma' as I will term it. I was reading an entry on Mountain Guerrilla's blog titled 'Humorous Interlude' HERE and it pushed me into action on this blog post.

'The Dilemma' is the 'when' and 'where' of all this. We talk about impending tyranny (or some say its already here (*see disclaimer at bottom of post)), collapse and potentially some form of civil war. We sit at our keyboards and post, and get angry, and we see more injustices done, 'no knock' raids, citizens murdered, veterans arrested and jailed for possession of 'high capacity magazines'. But we do nothing. Who wants to make the first move? Not me.

Here's the thing: I care deeply about the Constitution, Liberty, the Bill of Rights etc. I have sworn the oath to uphold those things against enemies both foreign and domestic. I joined the military to defend those things, so it stands to reason that I am willing to stand up and fight for them. However, more important to me than these bigger concepts is my family, my wife and kids. I will not put them in danger as much as I can avoid it, in order to fight for a higher ideal. True, descent into tyranny is and of itself a threat to my family and  their children, but just bear with me for a moment  because my intent in this post is to look at the little things closer to home right now, not so much the bigger situation.

Any civil war or resistance action will be a war among and within the population. Look at our military actions in Iraq and Afghanistan. It will not be even as 'gentlemanly' as the Revolutionary War. SWAT teams will be smashing suspected 'terrorists' doors in and killing families, or dragging them to 'concentration camps' (read up on the Boer war, where such camps were invented). Drones will strike with Hellfire missiles and wipe out whole homes. It won't even be as nice as the Civil War, with armies commanded by Generals maneuvering on distant battlefields to the smoke of cannon and musket fire. Remove such ideas from your head. This is not 'Third Manassas'!

I will state right here that any action by Patriots against tyranny is not a 'revolution' or an 'insurgency'. Given a tyrannical government it would simply be an exercising of the natural rights of citizens to fight a tyrannical government. Such action could be termed a 'Restoration' of the Constitution and the Republic.

But we are not there yet. Or are we? Right now, we are suffering the death of liberty by 'a thousand cuts', the slow authoritarian bureaucratic stifling of individual rights punctuated by flashes of violence as raids go in on random addresses in the early hours of the morning, or protesters are beaten, tazered or pepper sprayed.. The Second Amendment, our remaining means of self-defense and resistance to tyranny is under attack. We are conditioned to obedience by uniformed 'guards'.

And I sit here typing.

The frog continues to be boiled.

Patriots are a generally law abiding bunch. They don't tend to adopt 'Alinsky-esque" tactics. They are well set up, as 'conservatives with a small c' to be boiled until it is too late. You get Patriots attending gun shows in a well behaved manner, or a rodeo, or whatever. You don't get Patriots looting or flash-mobbing a Wal-Mart. Patriots are well set up to be victims of tyranny. The 'line in the sand', the moment to act, will be hard to spot. Did we pass it already  or is it yet to come? When is the time for talk, for protest and political action, for campaigning over. When does the time for kinetic action begin?

So to my point: In today's 'normal' times, these current times as we all slowly boil like frogs, my primary concern is the safety of my family. If I am pulled over and some 'contraband' is found in my vehicle  and my wife and kids are in the car, I will have no choice but to go meekly into the sunset. I know that if I resist  the thugs will kill my family  or at the very least rounds will fly and potentially hit one of my kids. Not on my watch. If that 'no-knock' raid comes through my door, and my babies are asleep in their beds, I will submit. I will do nothing to cause rounds to fly through the thin walls, as I am shot to death resisting in my pajamas and my kids are put at risk in the background. I have no faith at all in the professionalism or restraint of the idiots conducting these raids. They are idiots, and they are not professional  and they are not good at what they do. They are scared and they will shoot up anything in front of them. To me, at that time, courage is in restraint, to control the boiling of the blood, the anger, and look to the safety of my kids.

Such are the fear tactics of a tyranny, the monopoly of violence.

Also, if I did decide after such an event to 'go rogue', go 'First Blood' it would not last long, until the hypothetical lone wolf (me) who used to be high speed and knows a bit about tactics and shooting, lies dead in the ditch bleeding from multiple gunshot wounds. Mosby states similar in his post. However 'high speed' former soldiers used to be, that was when we had a team, not operating alone out of our houses etc.

In my novel 'Patriot Dawn: The Resistance Rises' this is a key concern of mine. My characters take specific steps to separate the families and put them in a safe place, before training as a team in order to be able to effectively conduct resistance operations against the Regime.

Unless Patriots are organized  they will be taken down one by one and piecemeal and the others boil like frogs and wonder when to act. You may counter that there are operational security concerns about organizing  Really? You are on the internet already. Too late. They will come through your door, and you will either die or be arrested, and no-one will help you. Someone will post about your arrest and how wrong it was. Others will comment on your post and share it. Then they will continue to be angry at their keyboards. Then they will be taken. I am just as guilty as the rest of you.

The only way to conduct a Resistance is to take yourself away from your family. Whether that is nightly or for a longer period of time. Yes there are all those ninjas out there who resist the idea of learning small unit tactics, the essential skills of a resistance operation,  and instead think they can be all clever and sneaky. I just want to drag them away from their keyboards, slap them about a bit, and take them out for some training. More PT. Drink more water.

Frankly a lot of 'Patriots' are full of crap. For many, it's just meaningless crap about 'cold dead hands' and all that. Now, this is an 'if the cap fits, wear it' moment  so please forgive me if this does not apply: Have you given any consideration to how this will be, how it will actually be? Once you fail to be a ninja and you find yourself in contact with some form of Regime forces, it will not be fun. It's Big Boy's Rules at that point. Rounds will fly, cracking past  you, zipping and pinging around you. It will be noisy and terrifying and you will crap your pants. You will have the choice of effectively killing the enemy with accurate rifle fire and breaking contact, or you will just die, riddled with bullets.

Can you haul your carcass away from that keyboard? Can you go out and do hard PT, drink some water, and do more PT? Can you shoot, move and communicate? Don't give me this crap about being all ninja in the woods, like some 12 year old on a computer game. If you want to be effective, you have to train. You have to train as a team. You have to work hard on the basics, because at the end of the day the basics is all there really is. It's just a case of doing it effectively. Fire and move in three second bounds until you are breathing out of your ass - 'I'm up, he sees me, I'm down'. Low crawl, high crawl - because once the rounds are flying that will be all you can do without getting your ass shot off.

What Patriots really need to do is organize and train, becoming a force to be reckoned with, a force of the people and by the people. Yes we can talk about cells, and cell structure  and that may be something you want to organize and keep quiet about. But what I am talking about here is a form of protest that has political utility. A form of demonstration, a form of demonstration of force.

When the hammer falls, if it ever does before you are killed by the soft keyboard tapping of bureaucracy,  what you need to know is:

1) What is my location and time to report to receive further orders?
2) What equipment do I need?
3) Who is my team and what is the chain of command?

Who knows that information right now, if you had to run from your keyboard because the Regime armored battle group just rolled into your town to conduct 'pacification' and 're-education' operations against 'domestic terrorists and constitutionalist right wing extremist patriots'?

Back to the training thing: yes, you need to be out in the woods and at the range training right now. But what I suggest is a new thing, something akin to gun shows, maybe tacked on to gun shows or organized in their own right. I'm not talking about marches. I'm talking about huge centralized training events. Pick an area where shooting and movement can be conducted, abiding by all local ordinances and safety rules. Run mass training sessions  Hundreds could turn up. It doesn't all have to be live. Perhaps seminars, as well as dry tactical training in the woods. It would be militia for the masses. It would be totally legal. It would be no more serious than turning up to a gun show or a paintball/air-soft event. Relationships could be built, connections made, teams coalescing.

Anyway, it's just an idea. Right now Patriots are fractured and isolated, ready to be taken down.

On a personal note, I have been working diligently to secure a suitable tract of land in central Virginia. Because I still have a 'real job', keeping one foot in our current paradigm,  Max Velocity Tactical has so far remained a side effort to my books, restricted to weekends and other people's land. This has been a limiting factor in my provision of training to those who have asked for it. Due to the realistic tactical nature of the training I provide,  small unit tactics and fire and movement etc, I find commercial ranges mostly limiting and unsuitable  My intent is to secure this land and then simply advertise weekend training courses  I will be able to do this because I will have the training area ready to go. I will post updates on this. My ultimate aim is simply to go to full time authoring/training. To fans of Patriot Dawn: I know  I know, I need to get the sequel out!

Note: for those now worried about turning up to a Max Velocity Tactical training event, don't worry, I will not hit you over the head with a keyboard and force you to low crawl through animal intestines until you vomit! I am having a tirade right now in this post, but training is tailored to the needs and progression of the trainees, not to my ego.

(*Disclaimer: please bear with me on some of my points, I am still potentially subject to UCMJ action for any 'disloyal' comments that I may make, and thus some of my points have to be made around 'hypotheticals': such as stating that we may hypothetically be facing tyranny in our country, rather than just coming out and saying it.) Such is the infringement on my First Amendment rights and is made problematic by the fact that the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Military is one and the same with the political office of President.)


  1. I can say that my line in the sand is if any new gun laws are passed. I will not comply. My wife and I had our sit down talk. She understands.

  2. Never having been through anything like this, I think it is difficult for any of us to actually claim what we will or won't do should it come to this. All I can say with certainty right now, at this moment, is that we are preparing, getting in good physical shape, learning to calorie restrict, stocking up as best we can. I am leary of target practice because it is getting more and more difficult to secure ammo. Bows and arrows and slingshots for small game hunting are good. Save the ammo.I am up for any and all suggestions as to what else we can do. We are older and not in touch with any other survivalists. We do not even know where to go nor do we have land we can even go to if we needed.We need to meet some trustworthy patriots!

    1. It's funny to me, actually - I couldn't enlist, but for some reason - always sort of thought in these terms, and never felt the need to "do something" about it. That's changing. I need to invest a few thousand dollars in learning to shoot, and I now face the problem of, I'm a fat SOB with medical issues (bad knee) that need to be fixed before I can really correct my shortcomings.

      Doesn't help I'm rather antisocial at this point.

      But to my mind - why aren't things like this discussed, say... 1985 or so? ;-)
      They even thought to discuss these needs in 1780s. I know, things picked up speed... I work IT, I KNOW. ;-) But... All these gadgets are being used to track us (whether by Google for marketing or USGOV for other purposes doesn't matter.) Why the "polite society" ban on talking politics? Or guns, for that matter? Even maybe Religion? "Polite Society" was defined by women, and keeping them from getting their feathers ruffled - and they were very successful in destroying male-only environments, where men could just be men, to the point that in our coarsened culture (a WTF? event), we have to wonder: why AREN'T there connections like this? "Militias" in a sense, composed of stock brokers, newspaper publishers, doctors, physicists, chemists, et al - even if divided "by profession," such networks would allow information to move around fairly freely.
      OTOH, if you have to censor your speech and "be a gentleman" all the time, nothing of import can be accomplished. If you're there to shoot, SHOOT. Compare to the gym, where people go to "work out," and then spend three hours in the place - 2.5 hours socializing, 30 minutes "training" in sporadic exercise sets: 5 minutes here, 7 there, 3 at another spot... With 20 minutes of conversation in between, and not because the machines (or free weights for those seeking actual strength) are in use. (Been a member of Gold's, Best Fitness, and Planet fit-less; guess which ones work.)

      We also need to think in terms of "walking libraries," people who know their sh*t cold from military manuals and experience, or can find such a person. Books will be good, iPads et al need electricity. While nice to have, it's also easy to find - save it for the "camps" and "safe houses," and use passive tools: booby traps with flares, explosives, etc, and a "main" that can shunt power to strobes, while you use IR goggles to sweep for enemies... (Yeah, like anybody has prepared THAT well.)

      Can't all be Rambo or Punisher, but we should be in shape, and used to privation. Desk jockeys like me need to "man up" here. ;-)

      (Let's see...
      Knee surgery, possibly $2K; Rifle, $2K+; Sidearm, $600 or so; Ammo... Maybe $1500 all told? Until I can shoot straight? Hoping TSHTF somewhere after... 2050 or so? ;-) Assuming, of course, it WILL; we all wish it WOULD NEVER HAPPEN.)

  3. I'll admit I have no "team" to meet up with for any such event. Regular life had made it impossible to coordinate anything, even casual range trips. However, I will say that 1775 is a good historic precedent. The colonies were isolated, fragmented, ready to be ruled by Britain. Massachusetts men fought and died at Lexington and Concord, but even then, the other colonies were reluctant to join the fray.

    Mosby has also made statements about "being scared of the federal boogieman," and the general paranoia that runs in several Liberty groups. We NEED friends, even if it only manifests itself as contributions for a legal defense fund. It all rests on how serious you are.

  4. Very good suggestions and of course, anyone in the military or for a specified number of years afterward are subject to UCMJ. I guess we come at this from a different perspective, but I appreciate your position and enjoyed this frank observation as to our condition. You are right. What do we do about it? That is the toughest question. Many of us, as you say, are not ready, do not know what to do or where to go and will not when it is time to act. We can't even agree on when that time is.

    1. T.L: Thanks for commenting and also for your great blog. You asked what do we do about this. I was watching that video you linked to about Keith Pantaleon and noting the attitude and body language of the police officer portrayed in the video. There is your problem, right there. It's the 'double-think' indoctrination that we all suffer under in today's United (Socialist) States.

      What do I mean? Patriots are always on the back foot, always the bad guys, while the progressives sneer and deride us for our 'gun & bible clinging' ways.
      Many on the 'prepper' side of the Patriot thing are massively into 'OPSEC'. I also think they are into fear and in some cases paranoia, and many times this is actually justified. That is because we have arrived at the point we are at in the country now, where we actually suffer under a sort of thought police where we are afraid to speak what we think.

      Short of a shooting war, which this may never actually get to, I think there is an interim approach. But first, about the shooting war: because freedom is being suffocated under the 'death by 100 cuts' of Statist bureaucracy, there may never be a point where people feel sufficiently motivated to move to a resistance war before it is too late. Any isolated resistance will be dealt with by SWAT style raids and then the victims will be derided by the mainstream media as gun nuts & extremist 'survivalists' in bunkers and we will continue to slide towards tyranny.

      Short of everyone grabbing a gun right now, which in itself would be a disaster, the Patriot community needs to stop being paranoid and stand up and be counted. If you believe you have the courage to fight in a shooting war, why would you not have the courage to stand up right now, and thus either avoid the shooting war or strengthen the Patriot position if one ever starts?

      I believe that a solution would be for Patriots to be completely open about their position. Start sneering at the progressives and their madness. Don't accept any kind of stupidity or authoritarian bullying; Resist the police officer who oversteps the mark at that traffic stop. Hold the massive militia training events that I mention in the article, and even call them 'militia' and be proud of it, but hide the fat guys in the BDUs because they don't give a good PR impression!

    2. Be proud upstanding Americans and do not tacitly submit to the way things are going in this country. Book a flight and refuse to submit to TSA madness. Cause a scene, but be reasonable. I think that we simply have to draw a line in the sand in terms of what we will tolerate in everyday life, and don;t roll your eyes at the progressive madness and allow it, actually say something.

      Do you have the moral courage to say something to the guy who parks in the disabled spot right next ti the daycare entrance? I do. Most don't. My wife gets embarrassed, because she doesn't want to 'cause a scene' but I (usually) do, unless there is a good reason not to. If I see a cop beating on a guy for no reason, I will intervene,. I don't give a monkeys f**k whether that is a good idea or not. It is wrong and something must be said.

      Many people lack moral courage. You have to have moral courage as well as physical courage. It has long been time for people to start pushing back with moral courage and actually saying something to the tyrants. The great thing about that, is that anyone can do it. Ever seen a magnificent mother or grandmother take someone down verbally? It needs to happen more, to the petty tyrants we see all around us. They are not all in uniform, many work in local government, schools or homeowners associations.

      The problem is, most people are cowards, or cowed. They want the easy life, anfd they don't want to be the one to step up. We are all afraid to a certain extent. We don't want to cause a fuss and generate a response: and you know what, the most damaging thing would probably not even be a SWAT raid, but more likely an IRS audit and some other such bureaucratic strangulation. That is the way the death by 1000 cuts works. Minimum actual violence, maximum tacit threat of violence.

      The way things are now, we don't have any rights. They just arrest you. If you resist or argue, they just beat and then arrest you. They hide behind 'department procedures' and 'officer safety'. What needs to happen is that people, just no longer accept this. Comments about my kids being in the car aside, I will always be polite if stopped by the police, and react with respect if the officer shows politeness and reason. But the moment the officer oversteps and tries something unlawful, or rude, I will resit by arguing and if necessary fighting, even if that does not involve firearms. I don't care if they end up tazering me and kneeling on my neck, I will fight because they are wrong. I will just stop short of any situation that may endanger my family, that is my only anchor of restraint.

    3. Well said. They have played a passive aggressive game for decades and they aren't going to stop now. We need to figure out a way to get them to act overtly aggressive. That is the hard part, I think.

      The average person can look at small police actions like the one against the guy in NJ and say it just a local issue. It will of course be repeated over and over again and the media will just start talking about the "epidemic" of gun nuts.

      We need to figure out how to force fedgov's hand and make him look like the aggressor. I fear we might have to wait till he gets his civilian security force or until DHS or TSA start doing more checkpoints or other aggressive actions.

      I do know I have been reaching out to others to train, and it is difficult at times. I met some good guys, but correspondence isn't always returned. Plans are made and they seem to fizzle out for whatever reasons. I'll keep looking. All I can do for myself is learn as much as I can by myself. I know Mosby and others have insulted "readers", but from my personal experience in other activities aside from "soldiering", I would take the guy who read a lot about a subject over one who hasn't. He will be quicker to train if nothing else. Actually when I was in the Navy, I read whatever I could get my hands on just because it is my nature, and found that before too long, I had aquired a great deal of knowledge that some senior enlisted didnt often have(never mind the officers).

      I know nothing beats actual field time, but learn what ever you can, however you can. At the least you will be easier to train later.

      With that said, I live in greensboro, NC. If you get that place in central VA, Max, I would be happy to exchange training time for labor. I am a contractor by trade, and I got an awesome set 'o' tools. I can help clear out some woods and build what ever you need built.

      Just a thought.

      Keep up the excellent work. Great books, by the way.

    4. jwoop66: email me!

      There is definitely scope there, if we close on this land. Happy to barter training for labor.

    5. Hax,
      Maybe we should (if we can coordinate in ways you've suggested) PUBLISH the fat guys in BDUs? The worse - ugly, fat, "inbred", whatever - the better? A misinformation campaign? (to the point of bleaching hair grey and/or padding out the clothes)

      Might not work in the overall scheme, but - look like fat slobs no one would take seriously when the PR flacks are around, and train like the Devildogs, and be able to deal with them even 0.5:1... Even if sub-par, at least the training and conditioning level is set - and if TPTB enforcers' show up, they expect Inbred Larry and his Gimp Cousin Fat B@st@rd, but they get two guys (and possibly more, or families) who can do the Marine Physical without breaking a sweat... Force multiplier, perhaps?

  5. Excellent observations!

    It is hard enough to go Fight in some other country even when leaving Family in relative safety back here. Been there, done that!

    Most in my opinion have not given appropriate thought to family responsibilities in a "Resistance" scenario. Is someone really going to tell Wife and Kids, well I am off to the War, hope things work out for you, God Bless!

    Or maybe the 9 to 5 War? Or You'll fight at night, catch a few Z's, and off to work in morning?


    I think with some truly prepared exceptions, initially it will be up to single, widowed, and possibly terminal to spice things up! Not very encouraging.

    Hope some heed this advice and get trained up.

    Last thought for fellow Vets, don't tell me what you did 5, 10, even 20 years ago.

    What did you do yesterday or even this month?

    1. A decent team could do so - One guy calls in sick Day 1, another is out (using same weapons) on Day 2 (after dark), a third on Day 3. (Assumption is close to each other so that things don't really get noticed - like weapons handoff.)
      But that way, everyone has an alibi. No one is "exposed" per se, and the weapons got stolen, oh... Now.

      BTW, potential contact method: Geocaching / Letterboxing. Use GPS coordinates or "coded" locations. Dead-drop the message, keep going to your destination, and someone picks it up later. (Would require certain security checks, of course, and will show up on GPS tracking via cell or navigation units, or LoJack, and local cameras - traffic, Google, satellite (likely far better than google Earth), ATMs along the route, traffic cameras, dashboard cams of police vehicles, etc, etc, etc. Paranoia keeps you alive now.)

      Just saying...

  6. "They" managed to shut Breitbart's mouth...and then took out the coroners labtech involved with the autopsy.
    We need to start returning the favor. That mealy mouthed libtard news anchor who shills for the some intel, make a plan, implement. Accidents and heart attacks can happen to their people. Politicians might be guarded 24/7 but they can't protect ALL of their extended family. Random senseless violence can start moving out
    of the hood and happening in white bread neighborhoods where it can affect the useless idiots and loud mouthed
    political hacks vying for face time. That badge heavy public servant with the sadistic streak a mile wide might have a favorite doughnut shop he visits regularly or some other habits that need to be taken advantage of.

    Lots of bad things could start happening to bad people for a change. And despite all the hype and BS PR fro
    LEO they have a hard time pinning crimes on people who have no connection to the victim. If planned and executed well after 72 hours the odds of being caught drop immensely. The internet is FULL of how to's on lots
    of unpleasant actions that are possible, learn them, cache them, while you can, acquire the inexpensive hardware
    store items that allow for creative expression now while it's available.

    1. Pipe Bomb + Police Car, you mean? Random act of violence. Works, but makes it a guerilla war, which is devastating.
      I LIKE the concept, don't get me wrong, but as noted above - all sane people (plus me) hope that it never comes to that.

  7. If someone had the land, would you (Max), Mosby and others donate the time? I know it could be organized and done well with all of the brain power in this community. This might be the best idea I have seen regarding our future.

    Folks could get the basics for a small fee, would get a message and many connections could be made. -55six

    1. I would happily donate time to some sort of central training event(s). See also my response below. In the same way that events such as the 'tough mudder' competitions are held throughout the year in different States, unorganized militia training could happen like this.

    2. I would do so as well.....Well, I do so already, in MTTs, although I expect to have my expenses covered, as you mentioned.

  8. max, I really think you have hit on an idea that could motivate and give a voice to we the people! I have been wrestling with a plan for the last few to prepare? The old neighborhood watch idea appeals to me because of close proximity of help.. If there is notice of a "stack" coming to my door who could get there faster that a hundred neighbors armed or un armed a powerful force to make the leo behave better or call off the attack.a quick phone call could muster a large body of witnesses and or anti regime forces to stop and confront illegal behavior.The to get trainers throughout the whole U.S.? Prior service volunteers in each neighborhood?

    1. The obvious answer to this is to institute a Patriot training 'league', like a version of the boy scouts for grown ups: the unorganized militia. Basically, we 'train the trainer' at central camps with a set of good standard basics and send them back to their communities to train them up. The key thing would be some sort of standardization with good basic light infantry battle skills so we don't allow any craziness to creep in to what people are learning.
      It would be true unorganized militia writ large. Just like Army Reserves and National Guard do a two week training camp once a year and weekends, there could be an initial two week training camp run once a year at certain locations, then localized follow up training once a month.
      This would make our unorganized militia like the Swiss. Clearly central/Federal government will not organize this but if we created an association it could be created and run privately by the people for the people. Full exercise of our Second Amendment rights.

    2. Love this idea! Sign me up.

  9. Well said sir. Yes we need to be more than the men in the basements with a collection of rifles. And it makes economic sense because we need to stop being the fringe and reveling in that and become the center or aspire in that direction. That means more rifles sold more people making a living training and networking and on and on.

  10. Another extremely important facet to resistance is jury nullification. This concept needs to become common knowledge and practice among all patriots: Any "law" that oversteps, contradicts, or infringes on our Constitutional rights is null and void. Supreme Court has ruled that our rights cannot be abridged, restricted, or denied by any "law", and the practice of any right cannot be made criminal. Vote "not guilty" in all such cases, citing exactly why. Also, hold your county sheriff to their duty to enforce the foregoing, or vote them out in favor of someone who will. If you're really an extremist, join your local sheriff's auxiliary and start arresting .gov clowns for treason and malfeasance. I know, they'd make an example of you, but the publicity would be great.

    1. While jury nullification is an excellent tool for those who understand it the problem is that less than 1% of cases go to a jury trial. And at the
      Federal level that number is probably even smaller. One of the reasons for
      the untold thousands of unknown and unknowable laws is so that fed prosecutors can load up the charges against whoever they have targeted for
      incarceration so that it's virtually impossible to beat them all. Because a fed prosecutor operates with essentially unlimited $$ assets even a wealthy
      citizen can be bankrupted in a defense attempt. Once that happens the poor schmuck targeted by the feds is right back where they want him.....copping a
      plea to a reduced charge or getting railroaded into prison for a couple centuries for having the temerity to insist on actually going to court. What
      happens in a courtroom might be considered legal....but it can NEVER be thought of as justice.

      Jury nullification is a nice idea and should be used whenever possible but it's not going to make a difference as the numbers simply aren't there.

  11. Max, I said this on TL's post where he referenced this post..You, Mosby and other former soldiers should start training us. Those of you who have the experience should offer to do it for costs covered and a small fee that those of us who are broke can chip in a take care of us. If we started regular citizen militia training conducted by experienced patriot operators such as yourself as a way to unify and prepare us and give our country a chance at restoration, I think you'd see a tremendous response. I'm all for it and I would attend regularly, learn, burn and prepare. I think it would be a great confidence builder for people as well as catalyst for getting many keyboard commandos back into shape as well. Think about it Max..The issue holding many of us back from getting training has been $$..Many have been hit HARD in this economy and speaking personally it's the worst it's ever been for us...So, lets get this thing started and lets make it affordable for this community to start learning how to be a disciplined team, What do ya say?

    1. My training is actually pretty affordable, I know that I am training private citizens with limited funds. I am always ready to work out a deal for a group, or even barter for services. My training is undergoing a hiatus right now because I am concentrating on trying to close on this land and build an actual school.

  12. Each man arrested will create en to take his place. Each family killed will see ten replace them. We know this because of history. We have seen it in Ireland, Scotland, the Vendee, where the tyrant rules he sows dragon's teeth. How many cuts were inflicted on our forefather's before the British crossed the line at Lexington.

    The question is when Big Brother decides to have a Reichstag fire. Big Brother has to look over his shoulder. He is surrounded by the people. His family is at risk. Nothing can shelter him, protect him, and in the end he can trust no one. Dictators always end up hanging by their heels.

    Its only a matter of how long the camel's back remains intact. Exactly how happy are you with the goivernment today. How do you see the future? How do you feel about the law?

  13. Think Northern Ireland. Only the arms don't have to come from somewhere else. And are orders of magnitude greater in quantity.

    That is how I envision the conflict.

    Read it. Study it. Hope to never have to apply it.

    1. OK, I understand why you use Northern Ireland as an example. I personally served several tours there, and was born there in the early days of the 'troubles' when my father was serving there. In America, the Northern Ireland conflict is often glamorized. However, most of it, on both the Republican and Loyalist sides, came down to rival gangs running drugs and using violence no different from a mafia organization. The tactics may at times have been courageous, but in latter days it moved towards huge car bombs in crowded areas killing innocents by the dozens. No different from car bombs and suicide bombers in Iraq and Afghanistan. I personally would take no part in any resistance struggle that utilized such tactics. The deliberate targeting of innocents is unacceptable. Attacking clear 'Regime' or military targets would be acceptable under such conditions 'should they ever arise'. I will have not truck with a Northern Ireland style campaign.
      Why do you think support and donations towards the IRA dropped of massively after 9/11, when Americans realized what it was like to be subject to terrorist attack?

  14. You good ol' boys need to find a few patriot business owners to hire you on as "security consultants".
    Then you can have your time free to train, organise, etc.
    I'm sure there are plenty of old timers with bad joints and big bank accounts that would love to help, and as a consultant your liability to each other is limited.

  15. Great message! My wife and I had a sit down talk a couple of nights ago about "stepping off the porch". She made some great salient points.

    1. Stepping off the porch by yourself will just get you killed and killed quickly.
    2. The vast majority of "Patriots" talk big but are not willing to do anything but talk.
    3. Training, training, training. We cannot find people who are willing to physically train. Reading books is good, but crawling in the mud, getting cold and working as a team. Most "Patriots" are gear snobs. My gear is all I need.
    4. Communications (cell phone, internet, radio, etc) will be the FIRST thing taken away from our community. No communications, no reation.

    I have come to the point that if they come at night and put my wife and family in grave danger, I will not force the fight. As much as I love liberty and freedom, I cannot and will not needlessly sacrifice my wife and family.

    No one who is sane truly wants bloodshed and I hope I never have to shoot someone. I want restoration of the constitution not replacement.

    You sir have written greats points to ponder and seriously think about

  16. Max, I appreciate your situation regarding your military status as I'm in the same boat. I'm also in the Northern Virginia area and have a combat arms background. If you need instructor/trainer help, I'm volunteering.

    1. Email me:


    2. Chuck, I'm in the DC area; worth trying to get a group going up here?

    3. Anon 10:39am

      It would definitely be worth it.

  17. Just a thought..
    Hypothetical- Are there 500 people within a 30 mile radius area, anywhere and everywhere in America, where maybe 200 to 300 acres of land could be leased or purchased, and a facility could be constructed to train with all these weapons that people have been buying in great numbers recently. People are buying weapons and ammo for 3 times what they were paying just a few months ago. Set up some long range shooting zones, MOUT facilities with used old tires, dry fire bounding and moving, etc. You get the idea. With 500 paying members at $50 per month, that yields $25,000 per month. That is a lot of cash to operate a facility with little overhead costs. Basically just the cost of the land, an office and some portable toilets.
    All those people that are panic buying their weapons and ammo, this late in the game, will certainly need a place to learn to use them. If they're willing to buy ammo for three times the price, will they be willing to pay a fair price to learn to use those weapons in order to survive? That is the $25,000 question.

  18. This is a cold thought in line of something that has to be done. We have to get their attention.
    Read the book: "Brigade" by H.A. Covington, IMHO this is what has to be done.
    Papa Mike


  19. We should never move with reckless abandon...
    But, with so much now at stake, had our founding
    fathers put their hands in the air the moment
    trouble came to their door......
    We wouldn't be here today... Plain and simple.
    They understood the ramifications...and
    Many lost "EVERYTHING!"...but yet still, they acted!
    Why? Because they KNEW what would happen if they
    didn't! ...TYRANNY!
    Today, because of the lack of conviction, the moral
    courage to act...
    We will continue to see the enemies of our Republic
    wag their D*cks in our faces.
    I say GROW a pair...then look behind you, to find out
    where your spine fell out.
    Sure, many WILL die, but did that STOP our founders?...HELL NO!
    And it should NEVER stop us today!
    The Liberty Tree will need to be watered at times,
    with the blood of tyrants and Patriots...
    just the facts of FREEDOM
    No one wants to die, but what we've been charged
    to protect, calls for the ultimate sacrifice...
    just as those before us.
    There are Americans who've paid that price,
    and we must NEVER shirk our obligation,
    should the time arise.
    The line in the sand is drawn... our 2 A...and they're
    starting to cross it, in N.Y.
    New Yorkers will most likely be the first to act....
    Then, in every state there after...
    then things will start to happen.
    American Patriots, since our founding, have always
    known when "It's Time".
    And when it comes to S.C.,
    Carolina will stand against TYRANNY!
    As in 1861, as it will be in the days to come....
    They WILL be met with Extreme Prejudice.
    The alternative... Marxism and camps...

    Learn, Equip, and Train as Militia !

    Palmetto Volunteers - S.C.C.M.

  20. Max,

    I got your book off Amazon and it was an awesome read, waiting for the next installment. I have thought long and hard what to do when the stack comes for me...FEDGOV will use the family belief against me. What will happen to my family if I go out in a blaze of glory? Things as such is what I think about. They know that and they are banking on that. I also have thought about leaving the country, but where could I go? Other places are more jacked up than we are. So for better or worse, we make our stand here. I am a Veteran but I am out of shape and out of practice. Crawling in the mud was 20+ years ago for me. When you get your facility up and running, I will make a roadtrip to VA from GA.

    1. Hey! Elated that you enjoyed the book. Would you, and anyone else reading this who enjoyed any of my books, do me a favor and do a good review on Amazon? Everything helps. Thanks!

  21. Those of you who say and this is including Max, that you will not fight if they come are ignoring history. They are counting on you NOT TO DO ANYTHING than you can be taken away and disposed of. This is what hitler did, this is what Stalin did..This is EXACTLY what Alexander Solzhenitsyn Wrote about...He said we MUST PUT UP A RESISTANCE IF WE ARE TO HAVE ANY CHANCE. Your wives and kids, including mine are DEAD anyway if we don't fight!! I'll leave you with this quote:

    "And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family? Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand? After all, you knew ahead of time that those bluecaps were out at night for no good purpose. And you could be sure ahead of time that you'd be cracking the skull of a cutthroat. Or what about the Black Maria sitting out there on the street with one lonely chauffeur -- what if it had been driven off or its tires spiked. The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin's thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!"..............RESIST<

    1. CDHD: You make an excellent point. I will qualify and say that it is not that I have no intention of fighting tyranny, but that I do not want to have to do it around my family. Clearly there are many situation where I will have to fight with my family in the house with me, if the attackers are there to kill or maim them. That takes it beyond a SWAT-style arrest that we may encounter in current times, to perhaps a full attack/roundup or post-collapse mob attack. I am fully prepared to fight that and write about it in my books.
      Some of that comes down to 'line in the sand' and assessments of what is best for my family - my arrest, or fight for all our lives.
      What I will say is that although the tree of freedom may need to be watered by the blood of Patriots, if I have ANY say in the matter that blood will not be that of my family. If I had to die in their defense, then I would attempt to extract a heavy toll in the process, but I would be more than willing to go for their sake given no other choice.
      So what I am really saying is not that I will not fight, but that I do not want to have to do so from within and among my loved ones. That is why the rest of the post talks about training and teams and all that. That is why I say you have to go away from home - but need to give some thought as to where you will safely stow your family while you do that. Have you read Patriot Dawn? This topic is covered in the book.

    2. And the rest of my point is that without leadership, teams, order and organization we are all just parents asleep at home in our jim-jams, kids asleep in the rooms around us, easy meat for that battering ram and flash-bang at zero dark thirty. If Patriots are serious, there needs to be something better than what there is now.

    3. I get ya Max. Those of us who ARE able bodied enough SHOULD train and SHOULD for groups with leadership and organization because it may well come down to that. However, I think they are going to start targeting individuals mostly because we are cut off and along and understand most will not fight for the same reasons you say you don't want it anywhere near your family. As you know if it's where you don't want to fight, thats where and when they will come.

      That said, there are a lot of older folks that don't have to worry about kids in the house anymore and they SHOULD TRY TO TAKE A FEW STORM TROOPERS DOWN with them when they come because the System doesn't have enough minions to lose a few each raid. It's simple math and we will win if we do it. It will be bloody but we will win. Especially if men like you are training groups that can eventually counter these stacks on a local level.

      As to your post about N. Ireland and tactics, I have to admit that my thoughts on the whole going out in a blaze of glory run more toward give em the few guns they know about. If motivated it would be easy to get anything you would need from a cop in WalMart parking lot using only a blade, if motivated enough. If they come down on us to that level where it's open martial law and lockdown, that's the level of viscousness that I fully expect to see. These LEOs live in our communities. I hate to say it Max, but I expect houses of politicians, police and thugs to burn with families sleeping in them, assassinations at Church and blood feud level violence on a scale never before seen in the United States. I think if it all falls to that level it's going to go that way. Think The Balkans Maybe? There WILL be a tribal racial element that would come into play as well. Brother, it's chilling to even think about because we all just want to be left alone to live our lives in peace. Unfortunately those that seek power historically have always had a problem with that.

  22. Ok, you made your point. I'm old and fat and my body doesn't work as well as it used to. But I love my country and believe in the constitition. I'm going to get up off of my ass and do everything I can to get in the best physical condition I can. I may not be young soldier material but I can find a way to be a patriot.

    I hope some of you who are younger will help us, your elders as we move to support the restoration of our country. I hope as my situation improves I can visit the "well" for ideas and instruction.

    Any other old farts want to join me in southwestern Ohio?

  23. I like several of the points made here. Just start pushing back in micro ways, every day. Make a point of pushing back at least once every day. Showing moral courage is just reacting to a clearly unethical small abuse of power in a local setting. Doing that every day makes it a part of your public daily life. It's cumulative, momentum is important.

    Then also talk about the negative condition of the country in all social settings where it won't cause outright ill feeling. Become a patriotic bore. Think of how Churchill stood up and made speeches in the House of Commons for years about the gathering storm, and was laughed off the stage time and time again. But each time he was laughed at a little less. Add your voice, every day. Allowing ourselves to say nothing is to be co-opted by the State, and gradually people just become part of a conspiracy of silence.

    Attend gun shows every month, every weekend if you can. More and more people are attending gun shows now for the activist aspect, for making contacts and sharing info and making provisional plans. Take a tent or trailer and camp out near a gun show, make it a regular feature of your life. That's where the resistance is gathering ...

    This is all academic for me. I'm a Canadian living in Thailand, so it doesn't affect me directly. But I sympathize. There must be a lot of people like me who sympathize and who want to see Americans take back their country.

    Semper fi.

  24. Several comments.

    We need to begin non-confrontational "you are not alone" activities, as Matt Bracken has suggested. Wear an NRA ball cap when you visit the Mall. Wear an NRA jacket when it's appropriate for the weather. If you're going to a "dress up" event, put an NRA button in your lapel. Put patriotic bumper stickers on your car. Anything to let "others" know that they're not alone in their views. Encourage others to "show their colors." This helps "our side" and discourages "the other side."

    Training videos can be very good introductions to small-unit tactics, etc. If someone conducts a training session, video a particular maneuver. How do you get across an intersection under fire? How do you react to an ambush? How do you field-strip and clean an AR-15? Post these on YouTube, or make DVDs available at reasonable cost. Not as good as live training, but better than nothing, and would be a good introduction before taking live training.

    Encourage Appleseed events. Help advertise them. Host one if you have the right location.

    There are lots of things we can do to get some minimal training for those who see the need. And keep in mind that the Viet Cong fighters didn't have much training before they started out.

    I think one of the problems we face is that there is no historical precedent for our situation. I've studied how tyranny came to Nazi Germany, to Leninist Russia, to Maoist China, etc. In none of these cases was there a well-armed but untrained society faced with fighting for freedom. We don't have the benefit of the militia organizations that existed in Colonial America. Even though we may have lots of veterans, they're not organized. We need to draw upon a society in which a larger proportion of the people not only are familiar with firearms but own them. Tactical training becomes the critical issue.

  25. Max,
    I'm presently in Afghanistan as a civilian with the military and will be home for good in about a week. I, too, have been considering Liberty-minded Citizens in my neighborhood, community, and near vicinity using the The County Guard (, as this incorporates the County Sheriff, which is a constitutional line-in-the-sand. Many of us are lucky enough to have a county sheriff that has stated that he/she will not enforce unconstitutional laws, such as gun confiscation and some of us are even luckier because our State Legislatures have passed laws that arrest and prosecute those federal LEs that think they can come do King Obama's bidding.
    Yes, there is strength in numbers and, based on that alone, we should be physically meeting, organizing and training, along with staying politically and mentally active in the Restoration of the Republic process. Keeping petty squabbles, based on general issues as race, religion and even political party affiliation, subordinated to the fact that we all need to work together so that we continue to have those Rights and Liberties should be first and foremost. The Regime wants us to be at each other's throats; the basis of the Divide and Conquer scenario. Aligning all Liberty-minded factions will be key to our success in fending off tyranny but it has to start locally and, I predict, it will explode from there.

  26. I have struggled with the same questions for some years now. Many blog posts and comments talk about getting things right in your mind. We all die. Our families all die. In 20 years I will be dead. Fact.

    The concepts of "Lives, fortunes and sacred honor" take on serious meaning for those that seriously think of them. I can sacrifice my short ass life. Can I sacrifice my 1 month old granddaughters? Or my 2 year old grandson? Can my "honor" take the label of "terrorist, arsonist, murderer"? Those are sobering and fearful thoughts.

    We all fear for those who are near and dear to us. But so do those that would try to take those things from us. They have wives and children and grandchildren. Let's turn the fear around. A non-violent act. A simple white spray painted "P" in the road in front of every LEO's house you know in your neighborhood or community. We fear for our families. Let's make them fear for theirs.

  27. Ok no one is gonna like what i say buts the blunt honest truth. You have to do what's hardest whats best for all of you. Given your past and your comments Max I don't think you'd been seen as an easy target. Most likely under NDAA and some EO they will go in seek and destroy and kill you. Thats it end of story you aren't some half assed trained terrorist with experience and some natural cleverness on your side. You are an expert, trained by experts and a potential leader who can train an army. Even a small team no bigger then a squad is an army if the person leading them is better trained and equipped or at least better trained then the OpFor and sadly Max thats you. Your surrender might just be what gets your family and you killed. I'm curious to know your thoughts on that?

    1. Well, I just pooped my pants! That was not sarcasm!
      But seriously, if thought that whatever is coming at me was a threat to my family I would fight tooth and nail to prevent that, not surrender. So, what I am really trying to say is that if you think the bad guys are coming for you, then you need to set the conditions so you can fight. Asleep in your jim-jams in your suburban home is not the place to be rudely woken and try to resist to a no-knock raid. So set the conditions. That's what I am saying, If you have to fight, put your family somewhere safe. And if you have to fight to protect your family, try and put them in a position where you, and preferably others, can best defend them. For the how-to of that read what I wrote in 'Contact!'
      If I have become a target because I offer 'tactical self-defense training' and have Patriot Constitutionalist opinions (and I'm not former law enforcement, not 'in the club'!) then that worries me but we all have to stand up and be counted at some point.

  28. Love your manual, "Contact."

    That said, why not stage something like a "re-enactment?" For that matter, call it a "Pre-enactment" of Civil War 2. Blue versus Gray, Red versus Blue, whatever.

  29. Well, Mr. Max, if the enemy hadn't already figured out how to turn you into an infiltrator/informant, you just handed them their plan. All they need do is mention the safety of your loved ones and you're their boy. We all put our families first and I'm not condemning you for doing it. However, IMO your position is now compromised to the point that you should shut down your blog, stop training and building a list of trainees, and hunker down and take care of your family. Just as they know me, they know you and I hope they will let you fade away, but you are a valuable entity that I fear they will want to use infamously. Your article is about 20 years late and even reminds me where I stood 20 years ago. Back then folks would ask me why I was resisting (peacefully), in their face, making myself a target. My reply was that, "They may have gotten a fight out of ME now, but they will get a fight out of YOU at some point. It will probably involve your children, and it will probably be too late for you to put up much of a fight." I think the coming financial collapse and reset/die-off will be the catalyst for the conflict. We must keep our self-defense weapons until that time arrives. If you form groups now, I guarantee you will be infiltrated. They will pull some thug from the Witness Protection Program to commit some crime and you will be blamed---that is, unless YOU are the infiltrator. We are about to experience the most awful, ugliest, inhumane clusterfuck this planet may ever see. I do not expect to survive it although I prepare. God speed to you and your family.